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Zerathane™ Polymer Series                                           

Sustainable Performance Bio-Polymers

Polymer modified asphalts (PMA) as a paving grade or in emulsion format have become an integral part of road binder technology.  As several of Ecostar's large volume customers have continually clamored for ways to improve distressed asphalt(s) to achieve PG requirements we have invented cost effective adducts for use on the hot mix side.  The demand to convert these 'new' polymerized asphalts to an emulsion format has resulted in a new innovation, the Zerathane™ Polymer (ZP) Series.

The ZP Series allows us to provide a formulary with unmatched performance in: curing, suspending, asphalt toughness modification and cost reduction.  Single package, AROS™ rubberized; micro-textured fog seals, seal coat and Type I and II slurrys can now be produced which perform as well or better than truck mixed counterparts but may be stored for lengthy time periods and/or shipped long distances without the need for any anti-separation or settling agitation.  The formulas use no clay or synthetic suspending agents and can be, as in the case of a Type II slurry as high as 85% solids.  Additives within the ZP Series may also be used to raise the softening point and lower the penetration, in the emulsion form, by as much as 40 °F and 20 dmm respectively.