Asphalt will remain a cost effective thermoplastic for industrial adhesives for decades to come. However, refinery practices have evolved such that the quality of the asphalt at the bottom of the refining column is no longer dependable - often leading to early failure of materials in which it is used. Ecostar Technology has developed: 1) an advanced method to quickly and accurately characterize the molecular composition of asphalt and 2) a repository of chemical additives which, when added to the distressed asphalt, will cost effectively amend the molecular chemistry to be in compliance with a predetermined performance ‘blueprint’.





Global, annual demand for waterborne adhesives used as binder for the construction and maintenance of the civil infrastructure exceeds 5,000,000,000 gallons. To gain greater durability for this important class of emulsions the suspended polymer(s) must be of higher molecular weight, be rapid curing and crosslinkable; all properties which make creating stable emulsification more difficult. AROS™ advanced surfactant chemistry facilitates placing these more durable polymers into a waterbased phase.





Petroleum based epoxy, urethane, acrylic and other rubber and plastic copolymers have become increasingly expensive and often in short supply. Ecostar Technology has acquired a license from a sister company for access, at the reactor phase, to a spectrum of petroleum identical, plant derived, high performance polymers which are; sustainable, easy on the environment and highly cost effective.






The potential engineered properties to be harnessed from granulated, scrap tires causes material scientists to dream ‘big’ of the impact this elusive but plentiful material might have on all man made systems. However, still nearly 60% of the nearly 300 million scrap tires generated in the United States each year are burned! The two biggest challenges to overcome are: 1) cost(s) to reduce the tire to a very fine powder with a high surface area and 2) provide a cost effective way to chemically modify then bond the surface of this ‘nervy’ composite elastomer within the receiving matrix such that it will transmit its full electro-mechanical properties. Ecostar Technology has innovated profoundly effective methods to accomplish both; such that great advances in stress resistant properties are exhibited by the finished product(s).




Utilizing the interrelated complexities of the above described four core building blocks, together with a cadre of proprietary key chemical components, a stellar line-up of coatings, sealants and adhesives have been created. From marine coatings, to roofing membranes, to industrial sealants these core Ecostar Technologies have demonstrably captured the Three performance requirements set forth in the Mission Statement i.e. they provide materials which are significantly: safer, with lower human and environmental impact and of greater value for the global civil infrastructure.