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Converting scrap tire rubber into a high performance polymer

P2GTR™ is a zero emission process described by the acronym PRIME (phase reactor integrated molecular electromagnetics) which facilitates a permutation, i.e. a complete change, of scrap ground tire rubber (GTR), 10 - 30 mesh feedstock into a functional, nano-composite. The PRIME Permutated (P2) GTR, subject to customer defined parameters, may be chemically grafted into a variety of resinous mediums to significantly enhance strength, flexibility and oxidation resistance.

Application Examples


In road applications, specific loadings of a cross linked and hybridized P2GTR show significant cost vs. benefit results as a modifier of performance graded asphalts. For example, a polymer loading of less than 4%, blended into an AC30 base yielded phase angle and DSR values sufficient to qualify the blend as a PG 76-22.

For roofing applications, combining a cross linked and chemically enhanced P2GTR, at a 12% loading, with a ca 500 pen, vacuum tower residuum, yielded a Class A, modified bitumen roofing membrane which passes all physical and weather related properties required under current UL, FMRC and UBC guidelines.