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AROS(Anisotropic Rubber Obviated Stress)

What is AROS™?

Anisotropic - Dissimilar physical properties along non-parallel axes.

Rubber - Powdered scrap tires crosslinked with grafted virgin elastomers.

Obviated - To anticipate and dispose of effectively.

Stress - A force applied to an object.


Simply stated; AROS™ Technology is vested in the science of processing and assembling cost effective materials which will defeat stress; thereby rendering such materials significantly more durable. This includes stress from all sources including: sun, rain/water, chemicals, thermal influence, mechanical loads and molecular entropy. Whenever infrastructure is constructed or defects are repaired using AROS™ engineered materials that infrastructure will last longer, usually much longer than the best current alternative. Making the AROS™ ‘durability choice’ will maximize the financial return from the asset investment.

Hot applied Asphalt Rubber binder technology (ASTM D6114-97) has a thirty year proven, superior performance record when installed in road construction and maintenance systems. Whether it be SAMI/chip seals or full, hot mix pavement cross-sections the fatigue resistance and overall safety and durability of the Asphalt Rubber pavement sets the standard. ARB is now available as an emulsion.

The innovation has a patent pending and is referred to as AROS™ (Anisotropic Rubber Obviated Stress). The base thermoplastic adhesive consists of a finely ground tire (80-140 mesh) immersed and reacted in a waterless, up to 350°F polymer modified asphalt. The reacted hot rubber adhesive is then compounded with a proprietary emulsion. AROS™ can be formulated as a coating, sealant and/or adhesive which will cure quickly to a non-tracking, water resistant binder or surfacing element with superior resistance to; oxidative hardening, weather or mechanical wear. It may also be formulated to cure at non-traditional winter temperatures down to 40F and; at night.

The AROS™ formulary includes use as:

  • HMA primer
  • SAMI primer
  • SAMI chip binder
  • Rejuvinating sealer
  • Fog seal
  • Skid resistant traffic lane sealant-surface binder
  • Seal coat binder
  • Type I, II, III, or Micro slurry binder and/or
  • Cold mix adhesive inclusive of RAP. 

The AROS™ may also be formulated as a 1) D1227 Type III, B roof membrane, 2) submerged membrane liner, 3) flashing cement, 4) steel or concrete pipe coating and/or 5) waterproofing mastic(s).

Performance data and samples are available for various applications. Multiple manufacturing locations will make material available beginning in February 2009. Inquiries for worldwide manufacturing license opportunities should be directed to Ecostar Science & Technology, Inc. at:

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